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As the moderator you have full control over the conference room either from the moderator web portal or dial codes from your phone while you are on the conference call.

Premium conference bridge

LocationDial in number
Adelaide08 70 700 099
Melbourne03 88 041 544
Canberra02 61 712 255
Sydney02 90 372 820
Brisbane07 35 055 991
Perth 08 61 883 388
Darwin08 79 997 777
Mobile / National08 70 700 099
1300 National1300 971 461 (additional call costs)

Dialling into the conference bridge

As the moderator you can set your own PIN numbers from the moderator portal https://meetme.conferencecentral.net.au

Dial one of our local in-dial numbers.

If you are calling from overseas or from a mobile phone you can dial the 08 70 700 099 national number.

Calling into the 1300 will be an additional 10 cents per minute per minute.

When prompted enter the conference PIN number followed by the ‘#’ key.

You may be prompted to record your name. Your name will be announced to other participants as you enter or exit the conference room. At the tone say your name and press the ‘#’ key

A sound level check will be performed before you enter the conference room. if you have excessive background noise the conference bridge will mute your call before placing you into the conference room. Avoid using the speakerphone or being in a noisy room.

Moderator in call menu options

The list below describes the controls available on the system for moderators during a conference.
Press the code into your phone keypad, including #, for each action.

Most of these controls are also available as web controls on the RealView page from the moderator portal.

Code Description
11# Mute Self
22# Unmute Self
14# Raise Hand
15# Lower Hand
16# Self Mute all users
25# Announce to moderator total number of attendees in conference.
31# Initiate Dial out. Moderator will hear dial-tone. Next, dial external party’s number followed by #. After conversing with the called party, use the following two controls: 32# or 33#.
32# Bring external party into conference
33# Drop external party and re-join conference
41# Start recording
42# Stop recording
13# Conference Play Recording

43# Mute all
44# Unmute all
45# Lock conference
46# Unlock conference

* # Restore original conference (abort dial out)
54# Start a round of voting
55# Enter a series of vote digits (up to eight)
56# End a round of voting
61# Unmute all with raised hands
62# Disable hand raise notifications
66# Rerun Line Noise Test during conference
91# Lock Moderator to conference (if moderator disconnects while “locked” system will call moderator back until moderator joins, and unlocks.
92# Unlock Moderator from conference

*0 # Disconnect conference

Logging into the moderator portal

Access the user interface through any standard web browser. Type the http://meetme.conferencecenrtal.net.au in your
browser’s URL field. The system displays the Log in page, illustrated below.

The moderator portal

Realview portal