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Firebar emergency conferences! 

Emergency conference services for quick communication between situation first responders.

What does a Firebar conference do?

    •  An emergency Firebar conferencing application is used to create an instantaneous ‘situation room’ when dealing with on emergency incident
    • The Conference Central Emergency Firebar and Ringdown Telephone Conference System provides unique features that are designed for secure locations where instant communications is important. This system provides telephone ringdown capabilities to multiple locations.

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    • A person close to the emergency can simply one phone one number  and trigger a dial out to other phones. The Blast Dial feature can call a group of telephone numbers for instant communications.  As people answer these calls they are automatically placed into a conference with the initiator. 
      For added security the called party with then enter their access code to confirm that the call is intended for them.
    • Typically it takes less than a minute to set up the situation room.This type of system would increase reaction time and allows for a quick resolution of the threat

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Typical uses for Firebar conferences

  • Military bases Courts and goverment buildings
  • Nursing homes
  • Manufactoring plants
  • Casinos
  • Schools
  • Prisons
  • Public events
  • Country fire services

Example of Country Fire Service

In the event of a fire or emergency situation Firebar service allows a user to dial the conference bridge and dial a activation code which initiates parallel outgoing calls to a list of pre-configured emergency responce personel.

As the responders answer their identity is confirmed and they are dropped into a conference with the caller and all of the other responders.

If the contact is busy or does not answer the phone after a configured period of time, or their identity is not confirmed the call is terminated and the system tries again.

Responders can also dial into the Firebar conference from a mobile or landline and the moderator can also dial out and invite other participants into the conference.

Multiple Firebar conference rooms can be created for different type of situations with different responce personnel being contacted. For example when calling into the system in the event of a fire the activation code maybe '2211' which would call the captain, lieutenant, group officer and senior firefighters.

A second code '3311' could be used to brief firefighters, senior firefighters and the lieutenant on a conference. 

Firebar conferences can also be initiated from our web portal and in the event that more than one conference is happening at the same time participants can be moved from conference room to conference room.

For more information or a demonstration of our Firebar service please email or call one of our team and we will be more that happy to assist you.