Unlimited conference calls from $150 per day

Talk all day with up to 10 participants for one fixed rate.

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Pay as you go conference calls for as little as 10 cents per minute per participant

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At Conference Central we have a dedicated conference bridge designed with the user in mind offering easy to use high quality audio conference calls.

Call recordings is included for free and can emailed after the conference ends or downloaded from the moderator portal.

As the moderator you can fully customise your participants experience.

  • Add conference rooms for specific departments or groups
  • Add Welcome messages and messages on hold Set PIN numbers for participants
  • Schedule conferences
  • Setup call out conferences (enter a PIN number and the system will call all your participants)
  • Dial participants during a conference and add them to the call

Audio conference features

Feature rich moderator portal

  • Custom welcome messages when your participants join
  • Custom messages on hold while you participants are waiting to start
  • Email summary with recordings attached after each conference
  • Music while participants join
  • State based in-dial numbers
  • Create multiple conference rooms
  • Auto mute noisy lines or lines with excessive echo
  • Customize each audio conference room per your requirements
  • Turn recording on/off

Realtime conference monitoring

  • Mute and unmute participants
  • See who is talking
  • Handup indicator for muted participants
  • Merge two or more audio conferences into one without dropping any calls
  • Transfer participants between conferences

Moderator portal

Realview conference control