Unlimited conference calls from $150 per day

Talk all day with up to 10 participants for one fixed rate.

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Our unlimited use conference option allows you make as many conference calls for as long as you like for a daily or monthly fixed rate.

Just choose the maximum number of participants and the conference room type and we will set it up for you.

Your participants simply dial their local in-dial number and PIN number at the time you specify it’s that easy.

There are no catched and no conference minutes to calculate.

  • Use the our services as much as you like
  • No time of day restrictions restrictions
  • Fixed billing with credit card billing
  • Easy to manage conference features
  • High quality audio calls

Choose from our two conference room types

Standard conference rooms

Our standard conference rooms are easy to use with high quality audio. Just dial one of our national numbers to join the conference with your room number and PIN number and your on your call.

Simple menu options allow you to mute or unmute yourself and control the volume of your call.

Daily conference room rate Monthly conference room rate
$150 per day for up to 10 participants
$15 per additional participant
$300 per month for up to 10 participants
$30 per additional participant
All prices include GST

Audio conference features

  • Wait for leader option
  • Talker detection and talker optimisation
  • User join / leave announcement
  • Music while participants join
  • State based in-dial numbers


Premium conference rooms

Daily conference room rateMonthly conference room rate
$30 per participant per day
6 Participants @ $30 per day = $180
(Maximum of 20 participants)
$300 per participant per month
6 Participants per month = $1,80 per month
(Maximum of 20 participants)
All prices include GST

Our Premium conference rooms allow the moderator to visual control over their conference calls for a more formal structured experience. As each participant enters the room a audio check is performed on their line and any participant with excessive audio is automatically muted.

Customise you welcome greeting for participants joining the conference and we can even upload your own corporate messages on-hold.

The ‘hand up’ feature allows muted participants to notify the moderator if they wish to talk allowing the current speaker from being interrupted.

You can even create your own conference rooms for individual departments to have multiple conferences at the same time.

Audio conference features

  • Feature rich moderator portal
  • Email summary with recordings attached after each conference
  • Music while participants join
  • State based in-dial numbers
  • Create multiple conference rooms
  • Auto mute noisy lines or lines with excessive echo

Realtime conference monitoring

  • Mute and unmute participants
  • See who is talking
  • Handup indicator for muted participants
  • Merge two or more audio conferences into one without dropping any calls
  • Transfer participants between conferences

Moderator portal

Realview conference control